How to use DoingSomething


Doingsomething’s pretty easy to use once you get going. But if it’s your first time you might not know what some things are or do, so here’s a quick overview of the menu options when you're logged in.

Sounds Good

See who thinks your date ideas "sound good", plus who is most recently active, and remind yourself of the "sounds goods" you've sent.


Your messages - inbox, sent, archive and blocked.

Date Ideas

Lots of ideas that you can add to your profile then see who else that appeals to, and then, well, off you go...

Within Your Profile

Fill in as much of your profile as you can - the more the merrier, or certainly the easier it is for your potential matches and dates to know if something about you appeals... And you can edit your profile at any time.

And in your profile you can add and edit date ideas - whatever you love doing, add that here (keep it clean though, please ;) )

Photos - do add photos. When you're looking for potential dates do you prefer those with or without photos? See what we mean? And please, just of you, not of other people - we'll just remove those because that's not really on, is it...

Views - who's viewed you and who you've viewed (handy, that).

Preferences - for emails - tick or untick to suit for emailing you ideas, your "sounds goods" and messages, and your weekly matches.

Change your password - sensible to do this regularly

Subscription - options available. If you ever need to get in touch, pop an email to and we'll get back to you promptly.

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