DoingSomething Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Have a look through the profiles on your home page, and click the sounds good button if you fancy doing something with them. Not sure about their date idea? Click through to their profile page to see what other things they fancy doing.

How do I add photos?

To add photos click on 'Edit Profile' (it's the 'gear' icon top right of the navigation bar). Profiles with at least three photos get the most views, so get adding!

How do 'My Date Ideas' work? How do I add 'Date Ideas'?

You need to add 'Date Ideas' to get 'Sounds Goods'. Click ‘add a new date’ bottom left of the home page or click on ‘My Date Ideas’ in the navigation bar. Then type what you fancy doing on a date in the box. Or choose one of ours.

What are 'Date Ideas'?

'Date Ideas' are our curated list of the best things to do on a date. Use this section to add new date ideas to your profile. And as a way of searching for people who fancy doing what you fancy doing.

How do I delete 'My Date Ideas'?

Click on 'My Date Ideas' in the navigation bar - delete them there.

How do 'Views' work?

When someone new views your profile it shows up in the 'Views' counter. Don't worry if you view a profile more than once, only the first view shows up.

How do 'Sounds Goods' work?

When someone likes the sound of your date idea they 'Sounds Good' it.

How do I send messages?

To reply to and/or send messages, upgrade your account. When you're ready to start getting out there and Doing Something just upgrade your account and you can send unlimited messages. And go on dates.

How do I change/update credit card details?

Click on 'Account Settings' (it's the 'gear' icon top right of the navigation bar). Add new card details there.

How do I change my subscription renewal?

Again, click on 'Account Settings' (it's the 'gear' icon top right of the navigation bar). Click on Subscription. Your subscription auto renews, but it's easy to change this here at any time.

You will receive a confirmation email when you have cancelled your account. If this is not the case, please email to check.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

When you sign in there's an option to reset.

How do I change Newsletter email frequency?

Once a week we send an update of all the cool happenings in your city.

Uncheck the 'email me cool stuff' if you'd rather not receive this.

How do I delete my profile?

We're sorry to see you go! Email with your profile name (ideally from the email address you signed up with) and we'll delete it. We love DoingSomething success stories (one marriage, one baby and a recent proposal under our belts) so before you go, please share yours!

How do I change my username?

Just mail with a couple of new options. We'll do it for you.

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